About Willow  
Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada (Willow), founded in 1994 by a group of inspiring women (including Sally Armstrong, June Callwood and Sharon Hampson, among others), is a national charitable organization with a mission to provide targeted information and confidential support to anyone affected by breast cancer.
Willow’s programs and services include:
Peer support: connects people with a trained breast cancer survivor who understands the impact of a diagnosis and offers information, emotional support and encouragement
Support Group Program: provides breast cancer survivors with the knowledge and tools necessary to start and sustain community-based support groups
Information services: shares personalized, current and credible information on all aspects of breast cancer
Patient education series: includes up-to-date booklets and resources on a variety of topics related to breast health and breast cancer
willow-talk.org: a safe online community to connect with others, exchange information and share experiences
Education seminars: provides knowledge and skills needed to live with breast cancer
Translation: free interpreter services for individuals wishing to speak in their language of choice during a support call
All of Willow’s programs and services are delivered free of charge.  Through a national toll-free number 1.888.778.3100, by email [email protected] or by visiting our offices, anyone has access to information about breast health practices and breast cancer.
In 2010, an estimated 23,200 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada. From the individual diagnosed, to their family, friends and caregivers, Willow makes sure no one needs to face breast cancer alone.
Breast cancer? Need information? Need to talk? Speak with someone who has lived it. Call toll free at 1.888.778.3100 or visit www.willow.org.